We define a clear mission to guide our investing, focusing our attention on sectors and issues that activate our curiosity and heart for restoration. Through learning, discernment, and design, we create a set of market and cultural theses to help us direct our resources to the most strategic activities and opportunities. Instead of responding mainly to attractive returns or trusting in our own wisdom, we pray for our work to be the servant of a prophetic imagination, recognizing that God’s plan for the world far exceeds our own vision.



1. We write and share a brief, clear mission statement for our investing activity that outlines guiding principles driving our desired cultural impact and return goals, key principles for how we will work, and, as appropriate, our commitments to our own leadership and spiritual formation in light of the power and wealth that are inherent to investing. 

2. We persistently ask God to reveal his imagination for each sector, venture type, and investment profile in our portfolio, and for the faithful resolve to pursue aims that many may find impractical. We leverage our capital in ways that expand the imagination of others, encouraging founders and other funders to press into a greater vision of what’s possible.

3. Rather than protect our flexibility through unstated or opaque objectives, we express the value we seek and the value we add in terms that are consistent with others’ actual experience of us and can facilitate well-aligned deal flow. 

4. To further direct our portfolio construction, we establish a set of future-looking theses outlining our key investment areas to achieve the impact we seek. These statements integrate our personal listening and discernment with expert research and reading. Each one builds an account of inspirational models, case studies, and cross-disciplinary thinking that will most likely lead to transformation if funded. 

5. We allocate time and non-investment capital to create and distribute new language, frameworks, concepts, talks, case studies, market insights, prizes, and challenges in order to shift more capital in a redemptive direction. The goal is not only to differentiate our efforts, but also to spur other investors to more robustly discern and articulate their own.