We define a clear mission to guide our investing, focusing our attention on sectors and issues that activate our curiosity and heart for restoration. Through learning, discernment, and design, we create a set of market and cultural theses to help us direct our resources to the most strategic activities and opportunities. Instead of responding mainly to attractive returns or trusting in our own wisdom, we pray for our work to be the servant of a prophetic imagination, recognizing that God’s plan for the world far exceeds our own vision.

We design an investment portfolio aimed at building a redemptive future as expressed in our mission and theses. Instead of seeking a target return profile with a relatively agnostic approach to impact, we invest along a spectrum of meaningful risk/return expectations and across multiple theses for the flourishing of individuals, communities, and creation.



We establish deal terms and fund structures that align interests as well as growth and timing expectations with the entrepreneurs we back, avoiding practices that leverage our power solely for our advantage and innovating toward generosity and inclusion in venture economics. Whether in deal-by-deal terms or through new funds and alternative investment approaches, we create mutual clarity regarding the ramifications of the capital on the long-term health of the enterprise and its founders. 

We develop trusting and generative partnerships with our co-investors, sources of capital, investment team, and others in our sphere of work. Instead of seeking merely to maximize our take, we create shared value and earn deep trust, allowing less powerful players to glean investment opportunities and keeping in view all the persons and relationships involved in a healthy investing ecosystem.

We treat entrepreneurs as eternal persons with unconditional worth. Instead of deploying them as instruments to create wealth or even impact, we relate to them from our earliest interactions as image-bearers, seeking to deepen our relationship with them as we become more involved in their ventures. We look for ways to love and serve them irrespective of our financial interest, recognizing that founding a venture is a uniquely vulnerable activity that provides extraordinary opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, as well as real dangers. We help them avoid the exploitative, master the ethical, and pursue the redemptive in their dealings with us and other investors, as well as through their venture as a whole. We accompany them in ways that bring lasting personal transformation for them and for us, whatever the outcome of our investment.



We cultivate a sense of worth that is separate from our role, results, and resources as a funder, through the lifelong process of surrendering to God our actual or potential wealth and influence. Rather than measure our value through a financial scorecard, we develop the bedrock assurance that our identity rests in our own redemption—having been “bought with a price.” Over time, as we invest out of a deep sense of our vocation, we aim to be freed from anxiety and hurry, to become more evidently joyful and dependent, and to leave a legacy of love.