We design an investment portfolio aimed at building a redemptive future as expressed in our mission and theses. Instead of seeking a target return profile with a relatively agnostic approach to impact, we invest along a spectrum of meaningful risk/return expectations and across multiple theses for the flourishing of individuals, communities, and creation.



1. We set long-term targets for aggregate return at the venture portfolio level, and for the entire portfolio under our stewardship, rooted in prayerful obedience. This allows us to calibrate different levels of risk, return, and types of impact across all the money we invest, and it helps us resist the spirit of maximization that would place undue pressure or temptation on ourselves or any one of our investments.

2. We draft diligence memos that tie to our portfolio-wide cultural and market theses, and we evaluate investments not just on their financial growth but on our best and most honest assessment of their redemptive effect.

3. We place ourselves in appropriate proximity to the organizations we fund. While no entrepreneur wants an overbearing investor, too much physical and relational distance creates real gaps in understanding. With proper notice, we visit entrepreneurs in their offices around the globe, meet other key team members, and become users of the product or service. 

4. We treat our portfolio as a “group of commitments” rather than a “list of individual investments that made the cut.” This directs us away from a transactional approach to “winners and losers” and toward a more relational, nearly covenantal posture to see our commitments through to the most appropriate end.

5. We set aside a portion of our highest-risk capital for breakthrough projects with socially transformative impacts—even when they will likely yield lower or slower returns, or returns that must be assessed in unconventional ways, due to systematic disadvantages in economic models, market sizes, customer segments, or geographic focus. For these moonshot-style investments, we extend our due diligence to ensure even higher-than-usual levels of founder commitment and capability.

6. We intentionally cultivate a deal pipeline featuring investment candidates who are underrepresented in our current community and the sector at large because of gender, racial and ethnic heritage, geographic location, socio-economic status, theological tradition, or other factors.